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Land degradation is the process of reducing or depleting the productivity capacity of land and caused by improper and poor farming system, improper land use system, deforestation, soil erosion, high population pressure and over grazing. The aim of this study was to assess aspects of land degradation and land management practices because, land degradation has been the most serious problem that has threatened the life’s of millions of people in Ethiopia. In the study area there is also a problem of land degradation which affects economic and social life of the societies. Therefore adoption of effective land management practices have crucial role to overcome the problem of land degradation. The research was designed with the objective of examining causes of land degradation, identifying adopted methods of land management practices and assessing social and economic factors that determine land management practices in Angacha woreda. The study was made on the premises that the status of the grass root population about land…show more content…
This could be due to the fact that respondents whose plot is found on steep slopes have attended training and got information that are useful to make decision to adopt management practices. In addition to these, respondents who perceive the practices reduce farm plot made decision not to maintain management structures or even remove structures completely. Farmers’ small land holding size as well as fragmentation which might have arisen from population pressure might have led to over cultivation of the limited land and then to land degradation. Land users utilized simple, traditional and inefficient tools of production which were more laborious and less effective in implementing land management practices in the study

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