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August Wilson and Sam Shepard are two of the best American playwrights. They dominated their era to writing and/or producing collectively more than 50 productions in their lifetimes. Although quite different in their storylines and message they made a difference in the lives of other people through their literature. They both have a very unique style of writing and are diverse in many ways. Their love of the arts translates into everything that they write. Although very different they do share a lot of common ground, more than most would assume. By the end of this paper, the similarities will be so apparent and I will offer a clearer understanding of both of these creative geniuses. August Wilson aimed to appeal more to the African Americans…show more content…
August Wilson was not only an award-winning American playwright who was most known for having chronicled the African-American experience through a series of plays. August offered an alternative history of the 20th century as seen from the perspective of African-Americans. Wilson celebrated the lives of those who had seemingly been pushed to the side. Decade by decade, he told the story of a group of people with a distinctive history who blazed their own trails creating opportunity where no opportunities were given. Wilson purposely addressed black America, but in doing so unintentionally discovered an international…show more content…
Wilson strongly believed that America needed a black theater that could stand on its own, so he invited all audiences to attend, but only under black control. The leading outlets for his own work were the white-dominated mainstream. Wilson's ability to turn the African-American experience into vivid drama, and to do it repeatedly for the stage while virtually ignoring the more lucrative call of Hollywood, was what attracted so many to him and his

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