Essay On Internal Communication

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Internal communication Interdiction The purpose of this paper is to show meaning of internal communication and expounds on current methods of internal communication used in the omantel and details components of new media to be used on internal communication. Finally, this paper discuss the effective of good internal communication in organizations . Internal communication defined as the transition of information between company or organization employees or Methods of internal communication using in omantel omantel company uses various methods of communicating with employees, including email, digital and print newsletters, the Internet and intranets. Successful companies strive to create a community atmosphere among its workers at…show more content…
After the rise of capitalism, induced by the industrial revolution com-panies and corporations have focused on advertising as a way to increase the people’s curiosity towards their products, hence increase the products appeal to the masses. Ad-vertising can also be used to increase the awareness about a product or an issue. Sometimes advertising can be perceived as a negative thing because of the so of its use in fraudulent acts in misleading the people, but sometimes it is used to inform people of important things or about products that are much better than the existing alternatives. Even the government uses advertising to increase the awareness of people about important issues such as infectious diseases and social issues, malaria and AIDS are good example. One of the many large companies that use advertising as a tool is Toyota. Billboards, radio and TV commercial breaks, and online advertising has been used by Toyota to increase their sales (Cote, 2011). The have also offered rewards for referral to the consumers if they brought another buyer. Seasonal offers have also been used by Toyota to get the mass’s
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