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A good part of old Korean literature is composed of texts written by aristocrats while their exile. Though their subjects vary from admiration of nature to public servant ethics, they all convey the deepest thoughts the writers had during banishment. It was in a similar context that Eldridge Cleaver said, "That is why I started to write. To save myself" (15). The citation appeared in Soul on Ice, a book finished while he was incarcerated. The motives of writing are usually seen as transmitting ideas to others, so it is an interesting statement. However, is Cleaver really writing for himself? To answer this question, we must understand his word choice by analyzing this citation in depth and take into consideration the context in which it was…show more content…
He was in fact, convicted for raping numerous women. At first, rape was just a rebellious act against the discriminating society. Cleaver had even felt pleasure by committing these acts, but once he entered into prison and having much time to himself to think about what he had done, he realized the atrocity of his crimes and he crumbled into pieces, no longer considering himself a civilized man (ibid: 14, 15). If we reflect on this for a moment, we may believe that what he intended by this phrase is to save his integrity of the…show more content…
It is an internal feud that Cleaver has to solve. There is no other person to lean on because it is his emotions that are the reasons causing the trouble. Whereas, if it were an external problem caused by society or others, the measures need to be taken into hands of many. Also, writing can be defined "as an action whose agent is an individual writer" (Thomas, 4). This is a logical argument because as he stated, apart from group researches, most types of texts are written by sole authors. This is because the construction of a writing needs to be coherent throughout the text. This coherence can only be achieved when the writing is not fragmented, that is, written by someone who understands it as a

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