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Assignment 2 Chapter 10 Designing organizational structure Kaylin. Hyde University of Belize Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical company which is always searching for ways to help employees to be more effective and efficient. An internal study was conducted to find out just how much time its valuable talent was being spent on menial tasks. It was discovered that Pfizer’s employees spent 20 percent to 40 percent of his or her time on support work (creating documents, typing notes, doing research, manipulating data, scheduling meetings) and only 60 percent to 80 percent on knowledge work (strategy, innovation, networking, collaborating, critical thinking). And the problem wasn’t just at lower levels it was affecting the…show more content…
Pfizer focuses on helping managers in reducing their time consuming task with just the push of a button. This allows managers and employees save time and to focus on other task thus making the job a bit easier. Having notice that managers spend more time on menial task rather that knowledge work, Pfizer created a new solution using Microsoft outlook in which they can connect to outsource companies thus reducing the time spent on analysis and data plus increasing their efficiency and…show more content…
The work load of employees have been reduce by dividing the task giving into different parts so that each employee can focus on one particular task. There is also a chain of command which takes place in the company in which a single worker must report to upper level manager which then they can get the go ahead. Also there is span of control in this business in which one managers is able to oversee the work of several subordinates. 3. Do you think this arrangement would work for other types of organizations? Why or why not? What types of organizations might it also work for? In my opinion I do think that this type of arrangement would work for other types of organizations that are quiet similar to Pfizer’s company in which deals with a lot of research, simple because it is less time consuming and far more tasks can be completed. This type of arrangement could also work for large companies which may have several branches countrywide and the time management may not be there as expected in which makes Pfizer’s work an advantage for them. 4. What role do you think organizational structure plays in an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness?

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