Boyz In The Hood And Tsotsi Analysis

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This essay will be discussing and unpacking the issue around the argument made by Paul Gormley about the Black Realism and how that concept is shown through the two chosen films Boyz in the Hood and Tsotsi, and how although each film are different in context, they have similarities especially with the topic of black masculinity. This essay will argue the various layers that are tackled in the discussion of black masculinities, and how the characters within both films are portrayed as such to support this argument that as black people, we are subscribed to characteristics made by the white man and shown negatively through the eyes of the media. This essay will take a stand on black masculinities with supporting evidence from the reading and…show more content…
Black masculinity has been an issue many tackle through film due to the defining factor of what a man is meant to be like in society, and in this particular case, what does black masculinity mean for African-Americans in the hood genre. Black masculinity as described in the hood genre is all about being a tough, aggressive black man who does not want to appear soft in front of those who live in his neighbourhood. There is a representation of black masculinity that as black men, one cannot show or exude weakness and must be strong at all times. Whether that may be through mannerisms, or physical actions such as partaking in acts of gangerism or violence of any sort. Black masculinity spoken about in the hood genre is associated with the description of black men who; lack a form of education, aggressive in verbal language to one another, always within violence and possibly belonging to a violent gang squad in the hood. As perceived in the media, black men are constantly painted and made to seem as if they…show more content…
Through the hip-hip genre, it also gives characteristic to the black masculinity, the anger and frustration of black people who are oppressed by the white supremacist system, and found refuge and strength in expressing how they felt through music. Gangsta rap was a genre pioneered by the Ice Cube during his time in the rap group NWA, and plays a character by the name of Doughboy. Doughboy, in many sense, can be viewed as a character that plays to the black masculinity stereotype played in the media. Interestingly enough, having an artist who helped define gangsta rap play a role in the film, shows through his mannerisms and characteristics, having someone who represents that time in the music history helps shape the hood genre in Boyz in the Hood. In the film, Doughboy is quoted saying that, ‘This is why fools get shot all the time, trying to show how hard they is.’ (Boyz in the Hood, 1991). This line taking from the film shows that people feel and believe there is an upfront importance in displaying a façade of toughness and masculinity, and somehow, mistaken masculinity as one with identity. Black men find their identity in their show of masculinity,

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