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Education is a paramount foundation that should keep gaining by everyone in life as it helps us to face various challenges in this complex world. Well, the education is not limited to be gained formally in learning institutions only such as school, nor it is limited to age. The things that we experienced in practical life also considered as education for us. Therefore, the importance of education has been debated innumerable across the world since education plays a great role in building and shaping a better future holistically including humanity, economic and environment. Education helps us wider the spectrum of knowledge that can be applied to steer the world. The purpose of getting well education never only means for individual to achieve high grades in test in school or college, earns certificates and get hired by famous and reputed companies however it also intend us to be better and social person in our daily life. In other words, the knowledge that we gained enables us to install peace…show more content…
In this case, education plays an imperative role in developing innovative, creative and competitive workforce that enable to contribute to the economic growth. They can manage to perform high level of skills and abilities to master the existing technology and evolve the market by implementing the knowledge gained through proper education. As a result, high productivity with profitable local and international trade indicates the economic growth significantly which promising better quality of living and reducing the poverty issues. In fact, no business is totally immune from fluctuation global economy, thus all parties should endeavours harder and educate themselves with various knowledge to ensure every generation of human population manage to survive this complex

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