The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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All women who reached eighth month of pregnancy should care about their health and practice sport. It’s very important to take care during this month to avoid some problems that maybe they face it. Exercise can help to improve sleep mode, enhance mood and reduce the possibility of complications and problems such as preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Because of the pregnancy change, especially with pregnancy progresses and the reach to the eighth month, women can hardly feel with moving compared with the first months of pregnancy, so that she should practice some sports that is easy for their . A reasonable goal should be to maintain a good ability level during pregnancy without trying to reach high ability. Also, sport can help to avoid stress of pregnancy, and to maintain their body changing shape and weight. Also, it will solve the problems at the end of pregnancy. Before they do sports, they should make sure that they have a good health because it is important for mom and baby.…show more content…
The first one is improving physical and mental comfort. The second one is Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy helps in returning to your pre-baby weight more speedily and also minimize the danger of developing gestational diabetes, which is more rife in mothers who are overweight. Having more energy when a pregnant woman do an exercise with relaxed. Likely to get less weight throughout the sport and to gain perfect body after a delivery. Labor and delivery may be the easiest for the women who do sports during pregnancy they less likely to pain because their body are flexible. Also, sports help pregnant woman to practice responsibilities without any sense of psychological pressure, set the mood and sleep without

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