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Education for all To what extent has education an influence on poverty ? Education is not only reading, writing and arithmetic. In order to reduce poverty and inequality, this could be the most important investment a country can make in its people. It is considered to be the cheapest defense of a nation. It is a global fact that who have reached the heights of development and prosperity have done it by using education and information as a tool. To achieve high level of economic growth, high rate of education is very important. Education has the strength that makes an individual's life better. It helps an individual to become financially independent and wise enough to make your own decisions. If you are educated, you are taken more seriously in the society. An uneducated man will generally find it harder to express his views and opinions due to lack of confidence. People would not take him seriously even he had so. We all live in a society which has its own rules and education is one of them. You are expected to go to a school followed by a college, get a job, settle down etc. Moreover, it helps you to be a useful part of the society. Education gives us an understanding of the difference between…show more content…
However the educational sector is waiting for the arrival of a savior. These days , the economic situation in pakistan is under stress and education is the worse effected sector in pakistan. The allocation of fund for education sector by the government of pakistan is only 2% of the total gdp. Less than half of the students complete primary school. This one of the reasons why the literacy rate of pakistan is 54%, which includes 66.25% male and 41.75 female. 5.1 million children are out of school of primary age in pakistan. The condition of education in rural balochistan provinces is worse since only 7% girls can read and write. In fata, the literacy rate of 29.5% is held by males and 3% by

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