Edgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis

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Could the Raven in this story be part of the author's imagination? Whether or not it is or isn't is open for interpretation of the reader, but for me, I think it wasn't real. Given the fame Edgar Allan Poe's stories and poems being psychological thrillers which tension comes from the unstable psyche of the main character makes me believe that it was just part of a bizzare hallucination by the narrator. Edgar Allan Poe had a unique way of twisting the characters emotions, in most of Poe's works the characters have internal struggles related to death, in this story it has to do with a loved one of the narrator called Lenore. This was just one of the many examples that most of Poe's works are related to getting the main character mad. "The Raven"…show more content…
Reading further into the poem we can recognize the narrator's pain, and we see the narrator is grieving, to me the bird is a representation of death that comes in the for of a Raven to ultimately remind him of his loss. As the bird enters the room the narrator is the first one to address it, and as he hears the one word from the bird he assumes it to be previously owned and sheltered and that his owner thought him that word out of despair, but it seems to me this is a sort of excuse or argument that tells him that he is not losing his grip on reality, this is a case for several people who have gone crazy. The narrator then proceeds to sit and talk to the bird, now always expecting the same answer from the bird but starts asking questions that in a way seems masochistically, relating the bird's response to Lenore, then we see the narrator breakdown in a frenzy state, this shows me how truly unstable he was and how his senses couldn't be trusted at the
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