Essay On Human Trafficking

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The criminals who chose to exploit humans for the purpose of human trafficking need to fear reprisals. In modern society most people tend to infer slaves are immoral and generally believe it to be wrong. The traffickers who enslave humans for the purpose of profit and sexual needs operate fairly independently and crimes are not glorified. Crimes of passion such as the violence between domestic family, and police brutality are often glorified on the news. Drug traffickers are glorified endlessly on the news movies and television shows are now being created representing them by some of the world’s most famous actors. Time and money needs to be invested in the efforts of prevention and helping the victims of human trafficking. It is also…show more content…
The human traffickers are not glorified in such films as the Taken series or the Equalizer. This has been portrayed more as vigilante justice and the reprisal from the protagonist. The human traffickers are mere supporting cast with barely a negative connotation therefore the movies end and the hero merely beats up the villains and their needs are quickly forgotten and have not brought light to the cause in anyway. Denzel Washington has played an infamous criminal in the film American Gangster where his intent was not to glorify a drug dealer but indeed it brought light to the drug epidemic that affected New York City for so many years. This actor had unintentionally brought fame to drugs and police corruption. Mr. Washington has also chosen to play in the fil the equalizer where he basically goes after crime syndicate that partakes in human trafficking. In this depiction the main character is played by the good guy who goes after the human trafficker but led to little in debt thought into human trafficking and little reaction from the fans. There are several ways of bringing attention to human trafficking and getting people to play their part in the battle. The quickest way generally seems to be through social media and celebrity involvement. The bolder the better the National football league’s (NFL) somewhat known to be one of
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