Essay On Human Trafficking In Nigeria

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Conclusion Victims and agents The categories of victims and agents are very blurry in the context of Nigerian migrant sex work. We can see women, who are victims of human trafficking, but they decided or were forced by their families to stay in prostitution due to social structures in Nigeria. We can see women, who are indentured workers who choose to risk their lives. They make huge debts and they repay them by prostitution. Usually, those women continue to work in prostitution due to inability to enter and work legally in Europe and due to social structures in Nigeria. We can see also women, who were victims of human trafficking or indentured workers who choose or were forced by families to enter the trafficking business due to lack of work in Europe and social structures in Nigeria. If it happens that women decide to migrate for work in prostitution and they continue in prostitution or enter the trafficking business, they can be categorized as agents. First, the women are driven by intention such as lifting themselves out of poverty, pay for sibling's education, find a husband in Europe, become rich etc.…show more content…
Due to poverty, lack of education, discrimination of women in labor market and corruption for poor women it is almost not possible to enter the formal sector. Majority of the women enter the informal sector, which is characterized by low income and insecurity. The low income does not allow Nigerian women to lift themselves out of the poverty to which majority of sex street workers were born. Due to a collectivistic approach in Nigerian society, most of the women feel obligation to increase social status of the entire family, which makes it even more difficult. This approach is also shared by their families, which in some cases use the unequal power relationships within family to force their daughter or wives to migrate to Europe to sex street

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