Debra Elkins Human Trafficking Essay

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Human trafficking, or the selling of another human being, has been outlawed in the United States for over 100 years. Why is it acceptable for women like Debra Elkins in the episode Breeder to accept money from three different couples and promise all of them they will be her child’s parents? Although morally wrong, Debra Elkins hasn’t broken any laws by accepting money from the Baxters, Savitts, or the Cushmans. Debra Elkins, “consulted an attorney on what she could and could not say” to make sure she would not be lawfully participating in human trafficking (“Breeder”). By knowing what she can and can’t say to these people it can be concluded that yes Debra Elkins was using the three couples for their money, but she technically wasn’t selling her baby. She said it herself she was…show more content…
Debra Elkins was Adoption cases such as that with Debra Elkins happen more often than we would like to think. The Baxters, “ran loop-di-loops with the adoption services for six years” (“Breeder”). It is the right of the birth mother to renege on an adoption until 45 days after the birth of the child. Unfortunately, for the couples involved in this case; Debra Elkins would threaten to end her pregnancy every chance she would get if the couples wouldn’t deliver the money she was asking for when she asked for it. Although she wasn’t guilty of human trafficking, because of her threats of abortion Debra Elkins was guilty of extortion. Women like Ms. Elkins use their unborn children to get hundreds of thousands of dollars from desperate couples and aren’t prosecuted because they haven’t committed a crime. Because of this, thousands of couples are left without the baby they were promised and out thousands of dollars. The sad part is, many couples have been through the same painful process many times before and will probably keep engaging in the

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