How Did Alexander Hamilton Was A Founding Father Of The United States?

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Did you know that Alexander Hamilton helped save the United States as you know it? He did this by being a Federalist, the nation’s first Secretary of Treasury, an author of the Federalist papers, and much more. But he was not born in the United States and he was not a Founding Father. Although he was not a Founding Father of the United States, Alexander Hamilton was one of our most important political influencers and did many things to make the United States how it is today. In October, 1787, Hamilton decided to write a series of essays on behalf of the Constitution called the Federalist Papers. He wrote these papers in attempt to get ratification of the Constitution by persuading the people of New York to ratify the Constitution. Hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers in collaboration with Johnjay and James Madison. John Jay became ill after writing five of the essays, James Madison wrote twenty-nine, and Alexander Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one essays. The essays were first published in book form in…show more content…
This was the most important of the executive departments at the time because one of the government’s biggest issues was trying to come up with a way to pay off the national debt that they received in result of the American Revolution. Hamilton’s first report recommended payment of principal and interest of the public debt and assumption of state debts that were brought upon during the American Revolution. The Assumption bill was defeated at first but Hamilton rescued it by bargaining with Thomas Jefferson and James Madison about the location of the national capital location. His report on a National Bank made the establishment of public credit and made the powers of the new national government greater. Some members of Congress doubted it but eventually most agreed and Hamilton's plan passed legislation and the first bank of the United States was
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