Human Trafficking In Italy Essay

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Being of Italian background Italy has always been one of my favorite countries. It’s great for tourism, has great food, artistic treasures and a beautiful language spoken by friendly people, but one thing I never knew until doing research about the country I became educated about how its home of one of the biggest human trafficking problems in the world. Before talking about the problems of human trafficking I’m going to give some information on the country’s history and political background. Starting with population, Italy’s has surpassed over 60 million people and has the fourth largest population in the European Countries and is also the 23rd largest population worldwide. The population of Italy divided into genders is 1.07 males per a female and the median age is 44.7 years old. Looking into a little bit of Italy’s political background, Italy achieved political unity as a nation and was founded on March 17th, 1861 under the rule…show more content…
According to the 2013-2014 Trafficking in Persons Report, the women and children that enter Italy to be trafficked mainly come from Romania, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Moldova, Ukraine, Albania and China. Chinese men and women are sent to Italy for the purpose of hard forced labor; Roma children are trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced begging. Nigerian children are subjected to labor trafficking through debt bondage and coercion through voodoo rituals. They use men for forced labor in the agricultural sector of southern Italy and in construction and service industries in northern Italy. According to a non-governmental organization 90 percent of foreign workers are unregistered and two-thirds of them are in Italy illegally. The traffickers move their victims often and keep them in major cities for just a few months at a time to try and evade being detected by the

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