Shrek In The Films

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I. Cohen argues that monsters are pure culture and are constructed off of fear, fantasy, desire, and they are significant because they represent a binary position to the moment of cultural significance (4). A. Scene connection: Shrek in the movies major battle scene enters as an opposition to the power supremacy that Lord Farquaad holds on Dulac. Lord Farquaad fears and envies him because Shrek dominates the battle and wins over the crowd. B. Essay connection: The goths in Disneyland were significant because they were the monsters in this situation, meaning they struck fear in the attendees of the park by dressing in black and sporting a sullen face (Hine 275). However, for goths they wanted to express themselves while remaining safe themselves…show more content…
Scene connection: The town’s people are infatuated with Shrek after he takes down the soldiers one by one with ease, they envy his dominant presence as does Lord Farquaad. The spectators awe at his power and use this battle scene as an experience to escape their reality. B. Essay connection: Hine argues that teenagers strive to be their own identity and crave freedom from the adult gaze that sees all of them as teenagers (Hine 279). This relates to Cohen’s argument of monsters being envied by humans because of their freedom from societal norms. The difference between the two arguments is that teenagers will never reach that level of freedom from an adult’s point of view. IX. Cohen argues monsters like children will always be present and will continue to reappear and exist, as they will continue to be born with a new cultural significance. They can be pushed back or hidden away but they will most likely comeback. A. Scene connection: Lord Farquaad sends Shrek on a journey as if to push away his power and belittle him because he has the control over the monster through the support of the citizens. Shrek will return though, and upon his arrival the power shift will sway in his presence due to his capabilities and then again Lord Farquaad will feel less powerful over his
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