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How much would you sacrifice to be safe, to have a choice in what you do? I believe it would be a great sacrifice. For people to have a choice in what they do or what they choose do they need to feel the sense of security and safety carried within them, or surrounding them? Do people with great power feel safety when making a decision that will not affect one person but hundreds, thousands, or millions of them, how do they achieve this? In order for people or someone to feel safe when you walk around, do they precise risking to lose something, sometimes they will just need to sacrifice some of their choices and freedom to feel the sense of security or safety with them. How do the human rights and historical events lead to making decisions…show more content…
Without diversity in a community or country or society or whatever you would call it, it's a challenge to have friends and learn from the mistakes committed. When everyone makes the same decisions and everyone is controlled by one person to make a community "better" and the opportunity to get to know someone when you already have so much in common with them. In the book, The Giver when Jonas gets transmitted his first memories as the taste of color and feelings, you can know through the text that his knowledge has increased due to the fact that now he knows more. When Jonas feels that he cannot relate to the people in his community he starts to feel this frustration of why they didn't get the chance to choose whether they wanted or not to remember all the things that happened as colors, feelings, war, and loss. Here you can see that people in the community were safe even if they didn't get the opportunity to choose. Jonas now feels that he cannot relate to his friends or family, when once he had too much in common with them. When a person wants to be safe do they have to be vulnerable enough to lose the chance of making decisions for themselves, like in Jonas's community. A person that has knowledge about events that have happened is Someone that can fix mistakes and develop skills from mistakes already…show more content…
Human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law, in the forms of treaties, general principles and other sources, these rights are very respected.Human rights laws puts obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to consider not doing certain acts, in order to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of each person or groups of people. There are 30 basic human rights, in which some of them like right 3, 10, 18, and 19 state in general that people should have the right to life, the right of liberty and the security of a person, also the freedom of choosing what they want to do, knowing what they are going to lose. Human rights connect to the essay question because like in the book The Giver people in the community do not get the chance to choose what they want for themselves, and this is what a person owns and the rights they

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