Essay On 1984 And Today

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I believe there are some similarities and differences in the themes relation to today’s society and the book 1984. The control of government limited the citizens to the freedom they wanted. They also felt obligated to act a certain way to avoid getting in trouble by the government. They were also being watched and being careful on what they say and do. Through the essay I will express how the government goes for and against us with reasons relation to 1984 and society today. I agree with some similarities in themes with 1984 and today’s society. First, in 1984 the party chooses who the individuals will marry. They do this so you don’t become physically attracted to who you are set up with. In society today there are arranged marriages across…show more content…
It also seems as if the security cameras track any person’s daily lives as we go about our regular day. Next, the anti-sex league in 1984 is the party wanting to take away pleasure from sex, which the banning of the artificial birth control is the modern version in today’s society of that. Today’s society isn’t far off from what Orwell predicted how the government would be invading human privacies more and more over time. There are some instances where I do disagree with the themes in 1984. First, war is a topic that government controls but it doesn’t affect us as much. Fighting in war helps protect us and keep our country going strong. In 1984 they see war as gaining power when they win. Which we use war foe freedom. Secondly, the society in 1984 has to be careful what they think or say or they could be in trouble of a thought crime. This isn’t the case in today’s society because we have freedom of speech and can express our thoughts that we have to the government, etc. Also, in 1984 they have a “room 101” which they take you in and torture with your greatest fear till you tell them what they believe you are hiding from them. In society today this wouldn’t be morally correct because you are torturing
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