Essay On Greenhouse Effects

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There are numerous elements to the enhanced greenhouse effect. The causes are divided into two categories, the addition of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and the reduction of carbon sinks. Both of these are caused by human over-consumption, such as combustion of fossil fuels, and mass farming. The greenhouse gases cause global warming and this can have many disastrous effects to the climate and natural life cycles. Global warming is a much debated issue. Many scientists believe it to be a caused by human action and the rest think it is just another natural occurrence because we have experienced drastic weather pattern changes before. The effects of the weather change has dried out most of North Africa, and parts of Nambia, Botswana, and…show more content…
Steam generators were used to move parts of machines to work, later being used to create electricity when the invention of the light bulb was popularised and became accessible to the general public in 1880 (Bellis). Steam generators worked by heating up water by burning coal to make steam so it can extend pistons or turn blades. But today, the statistics have increased drastically. Back then, less than 10 cars existed and now there are an estimated 1.07 billion cars in the world (Tencer). An average car on the road emits 8.887g of CO2 per gallon, which means that this average car would emit 4.7 metric tonnes of CO2 a year (Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle). If my calculations are correct, 1.07 billion cars times 4.7 metric tonnes would equate to 5.03 billion metric tonnes of CO2 emitted by cars each year. With cars increasing by 20% each year, the situation looks rather dim (Tencer). There are currently multiple models of cars with fuel saving technology such as hybrids and cars of alternative energy sources such as electric, biodiesel and hydrogen cell cars. The reduction of the price of these cars, improved functionality and practicality as well as higher safety standards would popularise these
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