Nadine Gordimer's Short Story

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This is a fiction novel written by Nadine Gordimer. This book is about a family who was affected by the system of segregation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its about a “black” family who lived in the 1970s who got mixed up in politics and an affair within a marriage. The son filled with disappointment witnesses how his family secrets starts changing and tearing them apart. Sonny is a “black” man who loves William Shakespeare. He is a father of two kids, was a school teacher and later becomes a social activist. While he is fighting to end segregation he ends up getting arrested and is sent to prison for two years. He is strong and determined but confused about his personal life. He is married to Aila, a beautiful, dignified,…show more content…
Baby is a very flamboyant and carefree girl, who enjoys dancing as a hobby, she tries to commit suicide after finding out about her father’s affair. Baby gets married to a rebel man and soon becomes a mother. She and her mother are very close which is why her mother becomes a rebel too. Will is the youngest, he gets him name because of sonny’s admiration of William Shakespeare. He is the one that catches the father having an affair with a “blonde” which is Hannah. Will is a strong and intelligent young man who gets in a position where he has to keep the biggest secret of his life. Will manages to keep his father’s secrete and it tears him apart keeping it from his mothers and slowing watching how the family dismantles. I this book it all starts as a happy family both mother, father, and two children. The father was a well- respected school teacher who read every single book that was at his disposal, Sonny which is the father, gets asked by his students to lead a march against racial segregation against African Americans. The parents were furious by this and this is what lead to Sonny being fired from the school teacher and was arrested. This is where he becomes and activist and meets “the blonde”

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