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Toronto Sun Female sports should be valued as equally as male sports. To begin with, in sports, gender discrimination plays a huge role in this. Women are not recognized for sports and this could be due to different reasons such as the media and so many others. Females participate in sports due to the fact that it is their passion but they are not recognized the same way men are and this is due to the stereotypes, which have been created around the world. Another major reason why female sports is not valued is due to the fact that he media gives male sports more value and reputation around the world. Females should be appreciated for whatever they have to offer to the world no matter what it is. Female sports have been underrated due to the stereotypes created, the media attention, and the history. This is a problem to be attended to because female sports are highly unrecognized around the world. A lot of stereotypes have been created around the world and this has made the society view men and women very differently especially in the world of sports. The 2015 female world cup, which was meant for women alone, was not advertised the same way the male world cup would be organized. The football organization which…show more content…
Male sports is more recognized than female sports by the media and this makes the society focus more on male sports than female sports and this makes the society not have any value for female sports. For example, the female soccer world cup, which was, hosted this year in Canada by FIFA did not get enough advertisements by the media meanwhile, in 2010 the male world cup was advertised around the world and people were aware that this was happening. The media has a huge influence in this and they should be able to balance the broadcasting of both male and female sports in order to achieve an equality of both
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