Roccat Kone Pure Cooperative Case Study

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Roccat Kone Pure Optical The Kone Pure is an excellent gaming mouse with an optical sensor produced by Roccat, one of the most renowned gaming companies known to many gamers. Roccat Kone Pure Mouse Review The Roccat evolution never stops. This is the case of the Kone Pure Optical gaming mouse. They have studied different technologies for a long time. This you can see in their latest German gaming peripheral production line available here. The product offers you new improvements and the price is in the middle-price range and compares well with other high-end mice. The features are worthy, so let us look closer at them below. A new model As already mentioned, the Kone received numerous awards when it comes to performance and reliability. The difference between the Kone…show more content…
As for the sensitivity, Roccat offers you the ability to download software from their official website for free to customize the mouse. You can do different manual settings including the DPI value. Even if the gaming mouse offers you only 2000 DPI, the movement remains fluid, sensitive, and precise. The refresh rate is excellent at 1000 Hz with USB polling that is a thousand updates per second. This offers you clean movements when used in any type of situation. With the cable connection, the optical mouse has high quality. The Kone Prune includes a corded USB 2.0 cable, designed to minimize the problems of deterioration over time due to use or abuse. Shape, Style, and Size The mouse has fundamental lines modeled in a significant way and comes across rather appealing. The Kone Pure has an ergonomic shape to make sure that the hand rests perfectly between the curves of the appliance. The mouse is not one of the smallest and has a medium-large size measuring 120 mm x 70 mm x 70 mm. This is perfect if you have large hands as it can easily adapt to the lines with a comfortable

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