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Platelet Rich Plasma Case study for a 21-year old female, third year college student, who has a long history of ankle sprains from being an athlete in the heptathlon. She specifically sprained here ankle doing a long jump and she was diagnosed with anterior talofibular ligament tear. She was treated with physical therapy by her athletic trainer, and acupuncture. Treatment we treated her with two to three sessions of platelet-rich plasma grafting and two to three sessions of prolotherapy for the right ankle. With the last treatment her pain was gone. She was back to running track in the heptathlon and was very pleased with her progress and being able to complete her track and field events successfully. ( Heptathlon Athlete Ankle Sprain Case Study par1-2) Platelet-rich plasma or (PRP) is a non-surgical modality of treatment for the management of many podiatric conditions including sport injuries of the lower extremity.(par 1)prp can be used to treat a rage type of injures without any surgery. Prp is great for anyone but especially for people who have sports relative injury’s because like there not much down time depending on the injury. That why it great for Athletes or anyone who has an active lifestyle. The history and data of Platelet-rich…show more content…
It has a greater concentration of growth factors than whole blood and has been used as a tissue injection in a variety of disciplines, including dentistry, orthopedic surgery, and sports medicine.(par 1).to summarize PRP is platelets from the person that going to have the procedure done they remove the red blood cell then there lift with the plasma. PRP has shown in diffident studies done on people rage from Athletes to an average

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