Warung West Java Case Study

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I. Background Warung West Java is the Post Program Activity (PPA) that give the information about not only populer traditional culinary from each regency or city in West Java, but also unpopuler cullinary too. The main equipment of Warung West Java implementation is website or social media, such as twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. The ide of Warung West Java based on perspective that West Java Province as a part of Indonesia is known as an archipelago with various culture artifacts such as traditional ceremony, traditional warfare, traditional clothing, various tradtional art, and especially culinary. Nowdays, West Java culinary is known by foreigner because its rich taste and its unique yet attractive appearance. On the other hand, from…show more content…
Heavy food category includes foods such as rice and side dishes, for example Nasi Liwet, Nasi Uduk, Sate Marangi, Kupat Tahu and others. The dissemination and preservation of traditional Indonesian culture through culinary in this category has been fairly well with the presence of many restaurants with serving of diverse menu of severe food from various regions in West Java. While the category of snacks for example Simping from Purwakarta, Burayot from Garut, Ranginang, Comring from Tasikmalaya and other, the promotion and preservation still needs the attention of the public, especially the attention of the younger…show more content…
Traditional street snacks is one of indonesian culinary asset which is close to the people because the merchants commonly found ell their foods near such as in street or neighborhood nearby. But then, their appearance seems closed by this forwarding age and its decreased popularity. Therefore, needed an action to preserve the Indonesian traditional culinary, especially traditional culinary from West Java. Apart from the aspect of publicity through promotions using social media and website, community empowerment aspects such as training and seminars for traditional food producers in West Java is also required as an effort to create self-reliance based on creativity collaboration of traditional food producers and youth in West Java. II. Purpose 1. To introduce Sundanese traditional culinary especially from each regencies and cities in West Java Province that had forgotten by the society. 2. To help the producer of traditional Sundanese culinary promoting their products using modern tecnology, such as social media and webite. 3. Empowering people, especially producer of traditional food on the aspects of packaging, marketing based on internet marketing and produce the inovatif product but still keep the traditional aspect. III.

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