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You are born with only two kinds of fear- the fear of falling and fear of loud noises. These fears are part of the survival mechanism to keep you away dangerous situations. The rest of your fears are adopted because of past experiences that make you scared. When you honestly look at the fears holding you back, it can be categorized into: 1. Fear of rejection Fear of rejection is observed when you see someone get left out of class bonding activities, a student receive a rejection letter from a university, getting rejected when asking a crush out on a date, rejection when a player was not picked to represent the school basketball team. Often times because of this fear people settle for what they have, and believe that is all they can accomplish.…show more content…
It feels as though you have no choice but to hustle against it. Conversely, if you came from a wealthier family, you have a fear of squandering away the fortune that was previously amassed by your parents, causing you to take low-risk or conservative approaches. Truth is there is an element of risk in every endeavour you undertake. The presence of risk coexists with the opportunity for growth. The sole reason why a person is not growing is because of not taking risks, which is because of fear. Awareness of the relation between fear & risk will allow you to understand why you are holding yourself back from certain interests or passions. Imagine how much more you can accomplish if you weren’t afraid to fail. Life is very much like a swinging pendulum. On one side of the pendulum lies happiness, fulfillment, acceptance and success, and on the other side lies sadness, regret, rejection and failure. If you don’t rock the pendulum, nothing happens. And should you choose to swing the pendulum, you can only swing it from the side that is unpleasant. The higher you swing on the side of sadness, regret, rejection and failure, the higher the amount of happiness, fulfillment, acceptance and success you get to enjoy in life. Every successful individual have gone through countless

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