Essay On Fear Of Crime

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The American public have been worried about how crime will affect their lives, and how can it be reduced. This isn’t a recent concern that just appeared in the twenty-first century. It began in the 1960’s, when the American public began to notice that the American government was being dishonest with them. This caused for the American public to take precautions such as buying an insurance, building a fence, and purchasing a gun. All these precautions reflect the public’s fear of crime. Then experiments and studies have been conducted to address how can the police decrease crime rates. As time passed, police were no longer an important factor to decrease crime; the important factor is how the community behaves towards crime rates. The behavior of the community can be seen when neighbors get to know each other, make a neighborhood watch, and understand the culture of their neighbors, which leads to a safer community. With research journals, and books discussing how fear of crime comes from racial stereotypes, age, and gender fuel the fear. These factors show how the community needs to build a sense of trust in an…show more content…
Auzeen Shariah, and Rob Guerette tested the effectiveness of situational crime prevention theory. The research explained that the theory was to “seeks to reduce opportunities for specific categories of crime by increasing the associated risks and difficulties and reducing the rewards,” (Shariah, and Guerette 2). The research didn’t prove or disapprove the effectiveness of situational crime prevention theory, due to the many challenges to properly carry out the theory (Shariah, and Guerette 9,12). For instance, the theory is a process of investigating and analyzing, but crimes are the exact opposite. If the answer to reduce crime rate is to unite the community, then lowering racial stereotypes, and working with police should prevent future
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