Fear In Life Essay

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Fears You Have In Your 20s That May Be Stopping You From Living Your Best Life When we are in our 20s we tend to be surrounded by life-changing opportunities. Experts suggest that the ideal time for personality and career development is when we are in our 20s. However, we all are well acquainted with the fear of doing new things that stops us from trying. You may want to be an entrepreneur, then the fear of bankruptcy and irrelevancy will always haunt you. Due to that fear, you may just give up altogether. It's this kind of fear that you will have to learn to conquer in order to be living your best life. Here are the types of fear that you may face down the lane of life. 1. Fear Of Failure Failure is something that you might not want to accept…show more content…
There are chances this may shoot an arrow through you, but to live your best life you need to start understanding that being with someone does not define your happiness. Being happy with what you have and what you are is all you need in life. Until you are happy with yourself you are never truly alone and you will always have yourself to hold your own back. 5. Fear Of Not Having A Game Plan Has someone told you once that without a mature plan that is at least 5 years old you can never achieve your goal? It's time to dump that advice away. Obviously, a plan is always an integral part of an action, but that doesn't mean you need a 5-year-old one to be living your best life. You can always start planning once you are sure about what you would want to do in life. Not just that, but planning years before can also prove to be extremely stressful for you in the long run. 6. Fear Of Saying "No" You should always be the master of your decisions to start living your best life. If you are not alright with some plan, just let your colleagues know. Be it just a trip to the bar or some project-based decision, let the people around know your opinion. Telling a "No" once in a while can help you boost your confidence and be a better you since you will finally be prioritizing yourself over some point worries in
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