Essay About Fear Failure

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The current world has become a place where many people are afraid. Between news of a European financial collapse, government budget deficits, asset bubbles in China, and all of the other things that people normally fear, there is no shortage of material to inspire apprehension. The thing that is important for us to understand is that fear is a natural emotion. All people feel fear in some regard or another. However, there are very key differences in the decisions that we make depending on what we fear. In this way, what we fear defines what we do. The reason for this is because our sub-conscious minds naturally push us away from that which we are afraid of. Thus, we end up unconsciously taking actions to keep us away from what we are afraid of. Some People Fear Failure The fear of failure is possibly the most common of all personal, professional, and financial fears. This also covers the fear of loss. Many of us are afraid of losing…show more content…
This mindset views the world in terms of opportunities that are taken and ones that are lost. Financial or business failure is viewed as temporary. The true thing that these people fear is a failure to reach the full potential of their life. The value of this perspective is that it helps to place failure in context. Failure is only permanent if we abandon our pursuit of success. From this perspective, failure takes on an entirely new meaning. What we learn from the realization that what most people view as total failure being only temporary in nature is that we frequently pay a great price for the perception of security in the form of lost opportunity. It is most certainly true that lost opportunity is and always will be one of the greatest prices that we pay for any decision. The fundamental problem is that we frequently cannot tell a worthwhile opportunity is present until after the chance to capitalize has
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