Narrative Essay About Fear Of Fear

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When sitting in a speeding vehicle or in this case, a ‘Dora the Explorer tricycle,’ you may have doubts for your own safety. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been afraid of speed. This is closely related to the fear of death. Having said this, there was a time way back when I was about six years old riding with my family and my father in charge of the wheel. “Here we go!” My dad says with excitement as he takes advantage of roller coaster shaped hills. This made the knot in my belly flip like a pancake. I was afraid. The intensity enlarged tears and forced me to kick and scream. The feeling like you’re going twenty thousand miles per hour in a car with absolutely no control is crucifying. The scar that lies above my right knee cap appeared in the year 2006 to indefinitely...I remember it like it was yesterday. I was five years old, always wanting to be outside. Whether it be with the neighbor kids…show more content…
The second I heard this I began to hollar out for help. I knew my mother heard me now, considering she volted towards me in .5 seconds. I dont think shes ever ran that fast since her high school track star days. We were face to face at this point, she was so scared. Fear was written all over her face. She picked me up and carried me back to the house like a baby in her arms. Not caring if she got blood on her white capris. Caring more for her wounded daughter than a piece of clothing. My tears were still existing and managed to sprint down my cheeks. As we go to the house, she sat my down gently on the cushioned couch. The cut in my knee was not deep enough for stitches but deep enough for hydrogen peroxide along with neosporin then cover up with one of those really big bandages. As she started to pour the peroxide on my knee a small cut began to bubble up and sting a little. She cleaned that up with a bandage that had a dab of neosporin cream in it. This feeling made me feel so much better mentally and

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