Descriptive Essay About Fear

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A smile was stretched across my face as the roller coaster cart dove and twisted through the air. My hands were in the air and I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Each drop and loop was a rush of excitement, and I never wanted it to end. I had never experienced the joy of riding a roller coaster until this moment, when I was 15 years old (try to get the 15 years old to the beginning somewhere, it feels like you just threw it in there). Almost a whole decade spent waiting on the side of (the ride? Which ride?) park while my friends went on the rides without me, all because I was too afraid. Fear was the reason I had missed out on such a fun experience; an experience that I grew to love. I interpret fear as an anticipatory emotion, meaning that it comes before something bad is about to happen. It is a feeling of being unsafe, insecure, or uncertain with your surroundings. When you are in immediate danger, the feeling of fear can trigger adrenaline and help you escape, but for scenarios where there is no real danger, fear is more of a nuisance than a help (example?). Fear holds me back from trying new things and accomplishing new goals. In my personal life, I fear things that I lack control of like the death of a loved one, the judgement judgment) of others, and embarrassment (would judgment of others and embarrassment be…show more content…
This fear is completely irrational, because I cannot control what is going on in other people’s minds. Being afraid to be myself for the sake of pleasing everyone else is something I struggle with often. Others may describe it as a fear of failure, but I don’t see it as such. I am not afraid of failing, because I work too hard to simply fail. I think I am afraid of being average, or not the best. My perfectionistic tendencies and obsession with being at the top, combined with my constant fear of other’s opinions, create a big cloud of anxiety that is always in my
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