Definition Essay On Fear

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Fear Fear, a four letter word that drives the world into madness that only the Mad Hatter from “Alice in wonderland” would understand. “Fear” is defined on Merriam Webster online “to be afraid of (something or someone), to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant), to be afraid and worried.” Why does fear cause people to do crazy things in the world? What thought process causes fear? These are the kinds of questions that would keep even the least fearful person in the world to go insane in the membrane. It all started about five years ago when I first got into biking. I was riding bikes with my friends who always seemed to be getting better. I felt that for the longest time when I was riding with my friends that I wasn’t getting any better and I was falling behind. One day my friend Richard “Dick” Nicholls was riding Draper Skate Park with me. He told me if I felt like I was going fast enough to do a trick or a transfer that I should “crank” (cycle the pedals) one or two more times and then I would be going fast enough.…show more content…
I thought to myself, “If I crank one more time, I will definitely be going too fast and end up crashing and eating a nice chunk of concrete in the process”. I decided perhaps I’ll try it just once to see if Dick was right in adding a little more speed would help me become a better rider. I psych myself up as much as I could at the time and went for it. I push off the hard concrete and began to pedal. I got to my normal three cranks and went for one more. As I began to push down to get that last crank, my subconscious told me that I was going to get hurt, so in the middle of my crank I stopped and tried to go over the spine. The end result of that trip to the skate park was less than stellar as I bounced my skull off the concrete. Luckily, I was wearing a
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