The Fear By Robert Frost Essay

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There are four characters in Robert Frost poem, “The Fear”: the woman, Joel, the man hiding in the bushes, and the boy. Since Frost never clarified the relationships between the characters in the poem, I would like to offer my interpretations of them. Joel and the woman and are a newly married couple. The man in the dark, the stalker, has an earlier relationship with the woman that did not end well. The boy is the woman and the stalker’s son. Joel only vaguely knows his new wife’s earlier relationship with the man in the dark, but he has neither seen her ex-lover, nor known the existence of their child. The story takes place near Joel and his wife’s house. At the beginning, Joel and she are riding the gig back home. When they are steps away from the barn, she suddenly whips up the horse. “[a]…show more content…
Although Joel says that he does not see it, certain anxiety deep inside her urges her to go down the gig to find out. She tells to Joel that she cannot “leave a thing like that unsettled”, for the reason that this is not the first sign of a mystery presence around the house. She recalls the “strange” feeling she obtains every time that Joel and she enter the house: as if someone is “getting out [a]t one door as we entered at another”. Joel suggests that “‘it’s someone passing’”. However, she rebuked his theory, pointing out that their house is away from “a travelled road”, and common travellers do not usually hide in the bushes in the darkness. Joel, finally realizing some hidden meaning behind her words, asks, “‘There’s more in it than you’re inclined to say. Did he look like—?’” She cuts him off, as she will do many times in the rest of the poem. She tells him that “‘[h]e looked like anyone’”, which did not ease his suspicion. What she said

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