The Dearest Diary: William Lincoln's Diary

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Dearest Diary, It is a truly haunting day...the news of President Lincoln's death has reached us here at home and I cannot help but to be riddled with doubt about the uncertainty of our future as a nation, as well as the future of all those freed from the binds of slavery. I had once thought he was invincible, a childish notion I realize, but there seemed to be nothing he could not accomplish. While I was not in favor of the war, as I had hope our Southern brothers would come to see the reason in our words, I do not regret my support for the freedom of the slaves. There is no reason why some should be seen as lesser and forced to work like one would a farm animal just because of the way they look. President Lincoln may not be here to forge the path anymore, but it is my dearest hope that his memory stays alive in all those who have been touched by his wisdom and efforts, and we will continue on to become a better country. -Adeline Dearest Diary, I have never felt as I have tonight. I do not even know how to explain these feelings to you, nevertheless, I will attempt to put it all down into words so that I might relive that spender for even the briefest of moments. Tonight, Father and Mother took me to the premiere of The Black Crook, a show of which New York has never seen…show more content…
Well, it is not quite what you are thinking. His name you might ask? Well, not so much a he as an it...and it is literature. I cannot help myself, the wealth of knowledge those books hold within their frail pages has entrapped me like some sort of spell. It is not only that, but the way in which a story can be so beautifully woven as to where I may see it play out within my mind is incomparable. I have found such a love for reading the vast stories aloud to myself, just to try and make them all the more real. It may seem silly, yet I do not know if have found something in my life that compares to the feeling I get while reading those

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