Learning English As A Second Language Essay

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The world is becoming a smaller place, due to the technology and reproduction of humans. Nowadays, it is much easier to travel and communicate with other societies from all over earth. With technology the world is closely connected than ever before as we share cultures, ideas and beliefs. In order to communicate with such a wide scale one has to understand and use English; the most common language that is spoken all over the world. Therefore, this raise’s the need for millions of people around the globe to learn English as a second language. (Crystal, 2005 as cited in Gonzales, Houghton, Kaye & Stewart, 2012). Learning a language that is rather different from your mother tongue is a hard task to achieve. Especially in this technology era the old school teaching techniques alone seem to be insufficient. Previous research shows that audio-visual materials in different forms such as;…show more content…
Multi-Sensory; is when students learn through their five senses; see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Such as; Role-Play: is the dramatization of a certain subject. Two or more students use the learned language and apply it to a role-play. Then the class can discuss the role-play, the language used, acting etc. Role-play can be used with one-on-one teaching or with big to small groups. Students are greatly involved in the learning process (Madhurı, 2013). Demonstration; is depicting a certain event through language. For example; a cooking lesson where students will prepare a recipe and produce it. Realia; are the real objects and materials brought to or within the class room. The objects can be; food items, calendars, plastic fruits and vegetables, maps, household objects, money and any other object or material related to real life situations. Field trips; are trips where students have a chance to apply and practice what they learned earlier in the real environment. For example after learning different types of animals the students will visit the zoo. (Using Teaching Aids

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