Skeletal Muscle Structure

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STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF SKELETAL MUSCLE Skeletal muscle is also called as striated muscle. Striated muscles directly contact with bones by a tendon. Striated muscles made out with myosin and actin fibers. These fibers made out by actin protein and myosin protein. Myosin filaments are thick and dark in color and actin filaments are thin and light in color. Bundle of myosin and actin fibers covered with a plasma membrane, this membrane called as sarcolemma. The structure covered with sarcolemma is the muscle cell. This muscle cell is multi nucleated, un-branched, straight and voluntary. Nucleuses are found in the peripheral edges of the cells. Bundle of these muscle cells arranged and covered with epithelial tissue layer called as…show more content…
There’s a middle line and two Z lines margins of the sarcomear. Myosin filaments found in the sides of the middle line and actine filaments founf in the edges of the sarcomear. This sarcomear distance is shorter in the contraction of muscle. Actine filaments slip on the myosin fibers and sarcomear distance shorter. Distance A isn’t short and I is shorter. Skeletal muscles create the shape of the body and body posture is also maintains by these muscles. Not only that helps to keep the bones in correct place and position. These muscles help us to prevent form dislocating the…show more content…
According to this sliding filament theory a nerve impulse came along the axon of the nerve cell and it reaches the junction of the neuromuscular. There are bulbs like structures found in the edges of the axons called as pre synaptic terminal. Synaptic vessels are found in pre synaptic terminal. These vessels go ahead and attached to the pre synaptic membrane and release the acetylcholine to the synaptic cleft. These neuro transmitters bonded with receptors of, post synaptic membrane of the muscle cell. Because of that created an action potential. Spread this action potential throughout the all muscle fibers of the muscle. After impulses came, calcium-2+ (Ca2+) ions were released by sarcoplasmic reticulum. In myosin fibers there are spines like structures specially called as myosin heads. As well as actine filaments also have special spots like places called as bonding centers. These centers use as bonding places for myosin heads. However these bonding centers blocked with a chemical complex. This chemical named as Tropomyosin Troponin complex. After nerve impulses reach to the muscle cell, Ca2+ ions released by sarcoplasmic

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