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In Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, there are many underlying meanings, which is to be expected with any of Burton’s works. This film starts off with an elderly woman telling her granddaughter a story about a man with scissors for hands, and it is at this moment where we, the audience, are introduced to the concept of our title character, Edward Scissorhands. That concept is enough to let the audience know that Edward is out of the ordinary, but it isn’t until we see Edward on screen surrounded by the bright colors of the suburbs that we understand his role as the outcast. Edward is an underlying representation of homosexuals and others with “out of the norm” sexual orientation and how they are treated through characters rejecting him, wanting to “help” him, and accepting him. There are a few characters that mistreat and reject Edward similar to how countless people today would mistreat homosexuals. When Edward first comes into town, everyone is curious about who he is and what his connection is to Peg Boggs. The first one of these curious neighbors to confront the Boggs…show more content…
A lot of times in society we hear phrases like “pray the gay away” when referring to how Christians thought they can “fix” a gay family member. Some characters that approach Edward treat him with the same mindset. They think there is something wrong with him and that a doctor or surgeon could make him “normal,” much like how God is thought to be able to fix any problem simply through prayer. There are at least three various characters that come to Edward saying words like “I know a surgeon that can fix you,” and “You don’t have a handicap.” Although Edward is shown to be interested in the idea of wanting to be “normal,” this can simply be a depiction of how some homosexual children try to pretend to be straight to appease their families despite how they really

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