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Tim Burton Style Analysis Essay On an old choppy mountain laid a dirty house that wasn’t taken care of on the outside. Nobody dared to go up there. Nobody knew who or what was up there. There were branches of old vines that grew up on the house that were dead and made the house even creepier. There was an old messed up gate that led up to his house. It looked down on a small little neighborhood that was full of different bright colored houses. There was bright pink, blue, yellow and other colors. It just made you feel happy to see it. It was a beautiful day not a cloud in the sky and Peg from director Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands, was selling make-up and didn’t sell any so far she went up the mountain like she knew what was up there. Burton’s twisted unique, and odd style is best converted through his use of low key lighting, high angles, and color. One of the defining of Burton’s style is his use of…show more content…
It makes the character look smaller, vulnerable, or weak. He uses it very well in “Edward Scissorhands”. He also uses it very well in “Charlie in the Chocolate Factor”. In “Edward Scissorhands” he use it best when the inventor of Edward is giving him real hands instead of hands that are scissors. The go to a high angle when the inventor is dying to show that Edward is very vulnerable since the person that made him has died. It also kind of shows that Edward will be weak without the inventor in his life. Burton also uses it in “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory” is when Wonka looks down on them to show the kids are vulnerable and weak. If not he makes it look like it. At first they look the same but when he goes to a high angle it shows they are weak and vulnerable. Which is what he wanted to do to them. Both of these examples crate vulnerability and weakness; by making the audience wonder what might happen to the characters in both of those movies, Burton proves his unique nature of

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