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“The Tomorrow Girls Run For Cover” By Eva Gray, has lots of interesting things happening. I think the main message is that sometimes, you have to risk a lot to save someone that you love, even if you are stuck in a place where you could potentially DIE. It starts off while the kids are all checking out the alliance camp, when they notice a prison. Then, Rosie remembers someone super important in her life. Her sister Wren. She remembered that she was captured by some people, and she thought that she could be in that exact prison. So she had to find a way to get inside the prison to see her sister. So all of Rosie’s friends decide to help her find her sister by making a plan. After they got the plan figured out, they decide that Rosie should…show more content…
Eva Gray was successful by delivering the message that sometimes you have to risk everything just to save or see someone you love. Like where at the beginning when Rosie finds out that Wren was inside the Alliance prison. The line where she says “The Alliance is keeping some of its prisoners in this camp. Which means… Which means that at this exact moment, I could be only heartbeats away from my sister, Wren…” This connects to the message because this is the moment where Rosie finds out that she is almost about to find her sister. Also because this is the beginning of the message. Another part where she shows the main message is where Rosie uses the word ‘Heartbeats away’ to describe how close she is to her sister. Heartbeats is a very expressive word to use. Especially because Rosie really wants to find her sister. If Eva Gray used a different word instead of heartbeats away, it wouldn’t mean the same thing that it means to Rosie. It shows the main message because the words ‘Heartbeats Away’ show that she loves her a lot, and the message is that you have to risk almost everything to be with someone you love, and the word ‘Heartbeats’ shows that Rosie loves her sister, and she is super happy to

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