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Essay A dark night, a friend of the family wants to perform a séance to see the ghosts. He asks the step mother to get something personal of the ghosts, she grabs the wedding dress and suit. The man has their book “The handbook for the recently deceased” and he reads a quote or a vow out of it and it brings the ghost in the wedding outfits and they start getting really old and boney. The daughter of the owners of the house wants to help them because at first she was the only one who could see them and they had developed a good relationship. She goes to beetleguese for help, he tricks her and says he’ll help them if she marries him. She says “Beetleguese” three times. He gets rid of the guests and traps the parents, making them watch the…show more content…
This example is from the movie Edward Scissorhands. When Edward goes into his flashback it zooms in on his face when he is holding Kim. Also when the flashback is over it zooms out of his face, because there is a zoom in this scene it shows Edward is sad about his creator dying and how he is feeling the love his creator showed him, he is feeling that same way with Kim. This example is from the movie Beetlejuice. In the begging credits it zooms in on the town to create the establishing shot of their house and to show the setting of the movie. It zooms in on the window to show where the husband works and where a lot of the movie is going to be…show more content…
This example is from the movie Edward Scissorhands. When Jim traps Edward in his father’s room with all the money and Edward gets scared and can’t open the door it’s a close-up on his face. It shows the effect of Edward being scared and confused. Burton likes this effect because it can relate to a lot of his story lines because a lot of his films shoe some sort of emotion. This example is from the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. When they are at the door to enter the chocolate factory, it is a close-up of Willy Wonka’s face. It creates the mysterious effect because you want to know what the factory looks

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