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Have you ever thought about so many cool and fearsome things that you would want possible, but know couldn't? Tim Burton uses lighting, camera movements, and sound to connect the scene to the character’s emotions, as well as the viewer's mood, in some of his amazing movies. Burton uses lighting to set a base for how the character feels and for how the viewer will see things in the scene. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton uses high key lighting when first seeing the editable room of candy. The high key lighting sets the tone of speechlessness when the character’s see all the delectable things in the room, and a interest to see if it will taste as good as it looks. In Edward Scissorhands, Burton uses low key lighting to give…show more content…
During Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton uses happy and wonder filled music. That shows optimism into what the character and the viewer might see coming next. In the scene of when Wonka and the children entered the editable room, the music was grand to give a mood of amazement to what the audience see possible, but think isn't. Burton uses a lot of diegetic sound, and non-diegetic music in Edward Scissorhands so that the viewer can relate to the characters emotions. For most of the movie, it was about how Edward felt. The audience gets a mood of Edward being scared, sad, or sometimes happy during the movie to how the non-diegetic music plays. He goes through some feelings that we the audience didn't think he had since he is not typically a real person. In Alice in Wonderland, there is diegetic and non-diegetic sounds. This gives the viewer the same feeling as the character in the scene. When Alice had slayed the Jabberwocky, there was a diegetic sound of the head falling down the stairs. The sound gave Alice, and the other characters fighting a mood of success and less worry as the viewer too because they were all scared of the red queen. Sounds have a lot to do with the entire movie and scene in the movie, but the music can be both in the background to the movie, or in the actual

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