Sleepy Hollow And Edward Scissorhands

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Title: Style Analysis Essay There are many misunderstandings about people, particularly about those who are reclusive and a little odd. As a child, Tim Burton possessed such characteristics as mentioned above, and still maintains a certain erratic persona. These aforementioned personality traits are displayed in his films Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands; Burton uses several editing techniques as well as diegetic sound to suggest the idea that misconceptions are often made about those who are different. Editing techniques are used in order to show other's reactions to the protagonist and their odd personality traits. For example, in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane is shown in a workshop, with one of the Headless Horseman’s victims lying…show more content…
Sleepy Hollow demonstrates this when Ichabod Crane comes out of the workshop. A few men are waiting outside to hear the news of the autopsy and as they see Crane covered in blood you hear some gasp out of shock, others confusedly ask him what he found, while some even accuse him of being a madman. These responses and accusations display their judgement of Crane before he even has time to explain himself and his way of doing things. The people of Sleepy Hollow are for the most part, very simple but outdated and have a universal belief of the supernatural, explaining why Ichabod Crane, a modern, peculiar, yet logical man is seen as an outsider and very different. Burton was also seen as an misfit which is why he included Crane and gave him such a contrasting personality against the ones in Sleepy Hollow. Diegetic sound is used similarly in Edward Scissorhands, used mainly by the ladies residing in the neighborhood. Their opinions on Edward in the beginning contradict themselves in the end. This contradiction is displayed in one of the beginning scenes combined with a later one. At Peg's barbecue, the ladies gather and talks about how interesting Edward is but after he was found at Jim's house they discuss how he is problematic and detrimental to the neighborhood as well as the house he is living in. This distinction of opinions show how their perception of Edward changes depending on what others do around him, not necessarily based on what he is actually like. Edward is extremely different from those around him, both physically with scissors for hands and characteristically, as he is extremely quiet, doesn't say much, and generally doesn't want to cause harm to others. Since he is more reclusive, many people do not know enough about him to make an accurate

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