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Annotated Bibliography Barya, K. Mildred. “Review: ‘A Long Way Gone’ by Ishmael Beah”. Books & Arts.Pambazuka News, 31 July 2008. Web. 7 November 2015. http://www.pambazuka.net/en/category.php/books/49795 Mildred has written a most informative and engaging review for Ishmael Beah’s book, A Long Way Gone. The review brings together and mentions a lot of similar incidences and depictions of those events in the forms of books and movies. The review especially lays stress on the effect of war on a nation and how it affected the children of the war zone. It mentions a short summary of the book indicating the start of Beah’s journey on the path of being a child soldier and how it ends with a traumatic release. The review offers an insight into…show more content…
World. Reuters, 8 January 2008. Web. 18 November 2015. http://www.reuters.com/article/2008/01/08/us-warcrimes-taylor-war-idUSL066107120080108#VD4jMVcsFXemWCOO.97 The author of this article in a popular newspaper mentions a number of facts regarding the civil war in Sierra Leone. The article mentions the hearing of the present ruler of Sierra Leone for a number of charges against him all linked to war crimes. A history has been provided of the conflict in the region and the crimes committed against humanity with the help of funding from the sale of local diamonds. The number of people that have died as a result of the conflict in Sierra Leone has been stated in this source, which is a credible online archive. Along with several other facts about the whole duration of the war and the major players in it, the number of people killed has also been highlighted. The crisis of the civil war in yet another country in Africa lowered its Human Development Index to the second from the last. This is a clear indication of the effects of war that destroy a nation and the lives of its people. Frederic &Brussat, Ann Mary. “Blood Diamond”.Spirituality& Practice, n.d. Web. 8 November 2015.…show more content…
The point that war does not differentiate between innocent children or adults has been mentioned, signifying the trauma that they also face. “The Picture in Africa”.Civil Wars. The Economist, 13 November 2013. Web. 8 November 2015. http://www.economist.com/blogs/baobab/2013/11/civil-wars# The article discusses the sad picture of the state of the whole continent of Africa. It sheds light on the political and economical picture of the continent and all that it has suffered. The article also emphasizes on the fact that these conflicts have reduced in number as compared to the past. The article claims that hunting down the people responsible for the conflicts is not fruitful. They merely runaway into the nearby lands and thus the problems persist in Africa even though they have been observed to lessen as time has passed. One of the main reasons why the violence is not being rooted out in the continent has been discussed in the article. The reason has been stated as migration into the neighboring countries and moving back and forth to cause trouble for the African

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