Fish In A Tree Thesis

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The book "Fish In A Tree" by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, is a book about Ally, a girl in sixth grade, who struggles with dyslexia. In the beginning of the book, Ally had no friends and was bullied by a girl named Shay. Ally really wanted to fit in and have friends, but most importantly, Ally wanted to read like everyone else. That was also one of the reasons that she got bullied. Then, a new teacher, Mr. Daniels, came to teach for the rest of the year because Ms. Hall, Ally's old teacher, had a baby. Mr. Daniels helped Ally a lot and Ally benefitted from his help. Mr. Daniels played chess and helped Ally read every day after school, and she finally learned to read! Although Mr. Daniels was very supportive and defensive towards Ally, he did not realize

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