Tattoos On The Heart Analysis

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The notion and emphasis on self-reliance and independence is very prevalent in today’s modern society. Many individuals are hesitant and ashamed in admitting that other people in their lives is necessary. There are many situations where people admit that they need help. There are also situations where people are stubborn and refuse to accept help due to fear and/or a sense of independence. Any sign of dependence is looked down upon and often allows them to be taken advantage of. The obsession with social media and technology demonstrates that society has the desire of having everything at the tip of their fingertips and the need of being connected with the world around. Although the concept of being individualistic sounds prosperous, many people…show more content…
In order for the former gang members to undergo this change, they needed positive, compassionate relationships and communication with other people. Throughout the book, Boyle discusses this idea of sharing his life with others as well as finding a sense of love that draws on the work of God. He has relates this idea back to the idea of faith and compassion in a person’s transformation into a new sense of self. It is within that place where compassion and love develops and grows. In addition, he encourages diving into these life problems because when he does, he can associate himself with others and build those vital relationships. Not only does an individual need to have self-reliance to complete a transformation of self, but the idea of needing relationships with others is conjointly…show more content…
Being constantly dependent on someone will not be prosperous and rewarding in the end. For instance, in the documentary, Billions in Change, it touches on pure happiness through the ability to give to others and make a change in someone’s life. Such as the creator of five hour energy, Manoj, gives away an average of ninety nine percent of his earnings. This connects to pure happiness because of how he has no need for the money, but sees other needs for it in research or renovation to make lives better. Pure happiness, as other sources describe it, is helping others before thinking about oneself. Bringing energy and water to the poor to bring them out of poverty will allow them to truly contribute to society. Manoj wants to change to lives of others to ultimately make them stronger, happier and healthier and to make a difference in other people’s lives. The people in poverty are relying deeply on the donations of other countries because they can no longer support

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