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Abstract Widespread disparity and discrimination were part of the order of things for East Pakistan for as long as the province remained a part of a united Pakistan. After years of economic exploitation and imbalances in the distribution of national power; what at the outset was in its preliminary stages an initiative to ensure greater equality and overcoming existing disparities between the two wings of the state eventually was to culminate in a full-fledged struggle for independence. There are various reasons that give rise to nationalism among the populace over the years and leads to the emergence of nation states. Accordingly the rise of Bengali nationalism for the creation of Bangladesh was also not without necessary and relevant cause; the…show more content…
Deprivation in absolute terms can be determined with respect to failure to meet certain conditions such as calorie intake or the ability to have access to a certain minimum level of goods and services. Deprivation in relative terms may be identified with respect to the privileges of another individual, community, state, etc. In this paper the economic exploitation of East Pakistan by West Pakistan will be discussed with regards to control over production processes in addition to goods and services, control over resources and policy making processes. Economic disparities were prevalent between the two wings of Pakistan which indicated economic exploitation of the East by the West. Moreover there existed uneven distribution of wealth within East Pakistan itself as much of the economic activity there was dominated by

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