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In the middle of hurt, denial and disbelief, did it ever make you wonder as to what hair loss actually do to you? Are you just ignoring the situation you are currently in? What is the big deal in losing your hair? Hair loss can cause someone’s esteem to go down for both men and women. Hair, for women, is a very important part of their whole physique and personality. Women believe that it plays a huge role in making them look attractive and distinct from men. Men, on the other hand, believes that their hair makes them manlier and younger. We are brought up to a world where hair is, unfortunately, a factor that represents beauty. Let me sum it all in one word; Image. Some may say that it is just hair and you are more than that. However, let…show more content…
Sometimes it gets in the way of life. If a person suffering from hair loss looks in the mirror, what they immediately see is the baldness. They feel ugly, old, they think they look different, their minds become clouded and they worry if their partners will still love them despite their condition. This is just one of the many adversities that a person suffering from hair loss encounters. The effects of hair loss are not something that should be taken lightly or something that you can simply laugh off. While the sufferers of this condition have learned to thicken their skins and laugh it off, no one can still deny the devastation that one has to go through every day. No matter how people who suffer from hair loss try to cover up the hurt, repeatedly getting laughed at, asked about their condition or simply being ogled is like perpetually tearing open a wound that is trying to heal. If you are a sufferer of this condition, do not lose hope. Surround yourself with positive people with broad minds. If your family, relatives or friends cannot understand you, find yourself a group. There is always that one group who will readily accept you for who you

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