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Desalination is the process by which minerals are removed from saline water to make fit for human consumption and for irrigation. The reason as to why irrigation requires fresh water is to prevent osmotic imbalance that may adversely affect the plants under the scheme of irrigation. Human beings need fresh water which tasteful to the consumers and well as healthy for the body’s physiological processes. The main by-product of the desalination process is the salt which can either be reused or disposed. This process of desalination requires high caliber technology to authenticate its quality and to justify its health friendliness. This process however, alongside water recycling process, has continually provided sufficient fresh water for use over the world without depending on rainwater and fresh water streams (Eltawil 2009). Water desalination process is more relevant to the countries that are in or that borders deserts like the Sahara and other dry regions. Almost half of the world’s desalination capacities is situated in Middle East/North Africa Persian Gulf countries (Eltawil 2009). However, there are two western countries that rank among the four world’s largest desalination capacities. These are United States and Spain. The US is the second-largest desalination contracted capacity globally,…show more content…
In a struggle to effectively utilize the Spanish hydrologic resources and to satisfy the high water demand due to for the tourism sector, agriculture and increased population, the Spanish Government has promoted over the last few years different technologies and strategies. The Reverse Osmosis is a technique which is used to remove contaminants from water by pushing the water at pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. This technique consists of four major processes as described herein (Sommariva

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