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“Learning never exhausts the mind.” That quote was from Leonardo da Vinci. It almost perfectly describes da Vinci. He loved to learn and he was a very curious person. His jobs include an artist, inventor, architect, and an inventor. Da Vinci was a very important person for the Renaissance time period. Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452. He was born in Anchiano, a little village in Vinci, Italy. Leonardo Da Vinci had nine brothers and three sisters. Including half brothers and sisters, he had 17 siblings. Da Vinci took his career very seriously. Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. They are two of the most famous paintings in the world. Today, the Mona Lisa is worth 787 million dollars and The Last Supper is painted…show more content…
He was a genius and he was a very quiet boy when he was growing up. Da Vinci liked painting, math, architecture, inventing things, and science. Da Vinci disliked meat because he was a vegetarian and he also hated silly questions. Next, he hated dumb people. Leonardo da Vinci overcame one big obstacle in his life. Da Vinci got thrown in jail at the age of 24 for committing sodomy. He eventually got out of jail and continued his careers in painting, sculpting, architecture, and inventing. Getting out of jail motivated him to be better at what he does. He was good at every one of his…show more content…
Leonardo Da Vinci did many illegal things. Da Vinci did not go to school. Also, he was persecuted and many of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works are unfinished. Leonardo is remembered for his great art, math, architecture, and inventions. He is also remembered for committing sodomy. Most definitely, he is famous most for painting the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. If you were to talk to him, you would want to act smart and you should act like you care about him when you are around him. You should act smart around Leonardo Da Vinci because he hates dumb people and he dislikes silly questions. Also, you should act like you care what he is talking about because he is not a very friendly person, and he takes his careers very

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