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What is the best type of dog food for your dog or puppy? Especially if your dog has a sensitive stomach or is a fussy eater? Pet food companies say that commercial dog food has every thing your dog needs to give them a balanced diet. They say all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs are added to their products. But why are they added to their products in the first place? Vitamins and minerals occur naturally in food so why do they need to add them? Because they are cooked at such a high temperature, for such a long time that all the nutritional value is removed in the cooking and canning process. Also because the type of food they use is all the left overs that are not fit for human consumption. Then they fill the cans with processed cereal that is not good for your dogs digestion. The pet food companies have to add chemicals and additives to their products or else their product would have no nutritional value what so ever. Your dog…show more content…
We all know dogs are descended from wolves, and that wolves live in the wild, hunting and catching their food and eating it RAW! All their food is caught in the wild and supplemented by berries and plants. The healthiest dogs you will ever see are wild dogs. The perfect example is the dingo, the wild dog from Australia. Type “health problems for dingoes” into a search engine and you receive no results. Why? There are no known health problems in wild dogs like the dingo. And they have no scent or smell to speak of. They have no known diseases affecting them and they live long and healthy lives. Australian vets have known about this for a while, the dingo put them on the right track. Australian cattle dogs have to be at their best every day, if they get sick they don’t work. If they don’t work the farmer makes no money, and so to make sure they are kept in prime condition they are fed almost exclusively on raw food. Is the food your feeding them the reason your dogs are not at their

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