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Wellness dog food is simply the best that you can get for your little companion who looks up to you and you only for his share of nutrition and taste. Keeping a dog at home can give you unfathomable amount of joy for sure but it is also true that once you decide on this, you must take care of its exercise and nutrition in the best possible way that you can. Your dog cannot speak out when it’s hungry, neither can it express any health concern like us humans. So it is up to you to offer it a balanced nutrient-filled diet and good health, so that it stays active, perky and playful, always. Wellness Dog food is nothing short of a super-food for your dog that can deliver both to your dog’s plate without fillers.Wellness guarantees that all ingredients are of superior quality. Most of them are imported from Canada/US/Australia/New Zealand/Belgium and used only after stringent lab-testing and certification. Wellness…show more content…
Wellness dog food is a great mix of – • Good quality protein elements • Easily digestible ingredients • Wholesome and nutritious grains – a healthy source of fiber and energy • Best quality hormone/additive free meat, fruits and veggies • A real punch of Omega-3/Omega-6 Fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants that makes your dog’s skin and coat luxuriously beautiful. • Taurine for good heart and Glucosamine/Chondroitin for good and strong joints are contained in the product. A lighter variety of dog food is available for overweight dogs at wellness dog food. Wellness Dog Food can cost you a little more than the run-off-the mill pet foods on the rack but the amount of nutrients that go into it really makes it worth the expense. In fact, it might be just as expensive as the other superior dog food brands available in the market but contains much more nutritional benefits than them. Wellness Dog Food – use coupons for attractive

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